Music | First Aid Kit

Splendour in the Grass is just around the corner and we are getting pretty excited to head down to Byron Bay to check out some of our favourite local and international acts. One in particular we can’t wait to see, is sister duo First Aid Kit. We love the Swedish sisters indie – folk sound with there harmonious singing, country influences and nostalgic 1970s vibe.


Interview | Elle-Louise Burguez

Visual Artist, Elle-Louise Burguez has a way of creating alluring and playful illustrations, which are lively, intriguing and a little bit magic. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we spoke to Elle about her art, inspirations and exciting new ventures.

Hey Elle, Tell us a little about your background – What led you to create the your beautiful illustrations?

Hello ^_^ I am not sure of one exact thing that led me to draw… I think I have just always had this inner yearning to create ever since I was a kid. I have always designed my own little worlds to escape in, whether it be through pure imagining or through music or art. I am obsessed.

What influences the style of your work?

So many things consciously and subconsciously influence me… I am constantly looking at images, whether it be editorials or interior design or just beautiful people and places. My desires influence me, people, random thoughts that pop into my head, food, memories….and of course music.

How do you go about creating your art – is there a formula to your creative process?

I usually create at night, unless I am creating a big piece which I will work on day and night. My process is usually just playing music and drawing. On a good day I will do some yoga and have a bath to relax completely and then just get completely absorbed in creating. I don’t like having any distractions whilst I am drawing.

We know you are also a very talented musician, will we see you mix your visual art and music skills in the future?

Eeek you are too kind :) I would love to…. even if I one day collaborate with someone to animate my drawings and then set it to my own music… that would be amazing.

What are five things you cannot live without?

Music, creating, laughing, loving, pleasures.

Where would you find you typically on a Sunday morning?

Either walking around a market half a sleep or listening to records and making a delicious breakfast.

Draw us a picture of yourself…


Do you have anything exciting in the works?

I have some exciting collaborations coming up. One where I am working with a beautiful fashion label. I also am in an art show launching July 3rd, which I am super excited about.


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To check out Elle’s work head over to her online store here , follow her instagram @ellelouise_burguez_art or check out her exhibition at Lust for Life Tattoo – Fortitude Valley Brisbane from July 3rd until July 31st

SHOP THE LOOK: Elle wears (clockwise) the Lilya stardust knit, Cosmic dress, Eclipse jacket, Gradient knit

CREDITS: Artwork: Elle Lousie Burguez Photography: Ellie Mclean, Styling: Adeline Conti

Style Crush | Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-1 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-2 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-3 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-4 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-5 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-6 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-7 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-8 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-9 Taylor-Tomasi-Hill-10 Street style dream and former fashion magazine heavyweight Taylor Tomasi Hill is a never-ending source of trend and style inspiration. She was the former Artistic Director of Moda Operandi, and before that, US Marie Claire as Style and Accessories Director. As a result of that Taylor has the knowledge and style to create up to the minute ensembles. A master at playing with proportions, this flamed haired beauty has a knack for continually evolving her style. Whether its sleek and androgynous one-day or playing with prints the next, her style is always seamlessly put together. Images via Pinterest

Interior | Carolina Castiglioni


Carolina-Castiglioni-3 Carolina-Castiglioni-4 Carolina-Castiglioni-5 Carolina-Castiglioni-6 Carolina-Castiglioni-7 Carolina-Castiglioni-9

Carolina Castiglioni, is the heiress of her parents Italian fashion dynasty, MARNI. Her eclectic style full of fun prints; quirky combinations and arty undertones stay true to the MARNI aesthetic. So, when you get a peak inside Carolina’s home, its clear that these authentic sensibilities, reflect into the walls of her Milan abode. A light filled space, full of clean-cut minimalism and opulent finishing’s. We love the mix of antique, retro and modernist elements with a well-curated selection of artistic family heirlooms.

Images via

Scouted | Ginta Lapina

Ginta-Lapina-1 Ginta-Lapina-2 Ginta-Lapina-3 Ginta-Lapina-4 Ginta-Lapina-5 Ginta-Lapina-6 Ginta-Lapina-7

Having being scouted on her way to the train station in her home country of Latvia, the Northern European model Ginta Lapina has been turning heads in the industry ever since. Gracing the covers and runways of prestigious fashion heavy weights, the icy blonde, porcelain-skinned beauty is one of our favourite models of the moment.

Images via Pinterest